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Revue de Bourbon Podcast - John J. Bowman Pioneer Spirit

February 2, 2018

IMG_1231.jpgOn this episode of Revue de Bourbon Wayne falls ill and guest host Frank del Franko steps in to chat with Dusty.  Our featured bourbon is John J. Bowman by the A. Smith Bowman Distillery.  But you can't talk about Johnny J. without bringing up the Buffalo Trace Distillery and their common bond.  We do a blind tasting of other whiskies with the same mashbill and see how they stand up.  Frank del Franko lets us know what's in his liquor cabinet.  Also, Dusty deliveries some whiskey news you probably don't know about.  It's all about the John J. Bowman (1/3)Virginia (2/3's Kentucky) Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Sit down, strap in, and lock down, the Revue de Bourbon  train is leaving the station!


Revue de Bourbon Podcast - Russell’s Reserve Rye

January 12, 2018

image1.jpegLet's keep this Rye train a rollin' all night long! On this episode of Revue de Bourbon we cover Russell's Reserve 6yr Rye by Wild Turkey. Its no secret this is one of Waynes favorite distilleries so we feature a cocktail using the rye called the Cynar Totonto.  Quickdraw is and all "Russell" theme, and Dusty talks about hate mail.  This and much more on Revue de Bourbon Podcast!


Revue de Bourbon Podcast - Basil Hayden Rye

December 29, 2017

Attachment-1.jpegDusty and Wayne return to the podwaves after a brief hiatus/sabbatical with a brand new episode!  The whiskey up for review is a two for one, Basil Hayden Rye and Dark Rye.  Long-time listener and second time caller Brian phones in and consfuses everyone.  We also have the privilage to ask the man himself, Mr. Merideth Basil Hayden Sr., 20 questions in a new segment called "20 Questions with a Famous Person".  Theres also whiskey filled chocolates from Andalusia Whiskey Co., a Christmas themed Quickdraw, and much much more!!

Tasting Notes -

Rye (Exclusive Release) - Nicely balanced yet not quite achieving the rye punch we were looking for.  Although once again Basil Hayden comes through with a very flavorful 80 proof whiskey.  Like its bourbon contemporary, the Rye has a lot to offer with strong but suble hints of orange, ginger, and perhaps a sprinkling of baseball mit leather, and thats not a bad thing. 

"...i've never had it." - Caller Brian

"A beautiful rye finish." - Wayne

Dark Rye - Not just a clever name, it's dark, and delicious.  If you like port then you will certainly be pleased with this new product from Basil Hayden.  The rich bitter raisiny sweetness of the California port is  a nice juxtaposition to the spiciness of the rye.  Best enjoed with an ice cube after dinnner.

"It's almost refreshing!" - Wayne

"I'm going to pour a little bit more." - Dusty


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: Kings County & Westland Distilling

February 6, 2017

IMG_5866.jpgHurry up and get to the podwaves! Dusty & Wayne are back in action and coming in hot with a new epidode featuring two top-flight craft distilleries. Kings County Distilling from Brooklyn, NY and Westland Distilling from Seattle, WA. 

Tasting Notes

  • Westland Distillery

Sherry Wood American Single Malt - Color is deep with slight redish as you would expect coming from a sherry barrel. Fruity nose. Palate is brandy like, cherry, fruity, maintaining the whiskey integrity throughout for a mature hot finish. Quite nice for a picnic.

– “a good transition for that scotch drinker looking to try whiskey” – HotRod (RDB guesthost)

 American Oak Single Malt – Light in color. Cinnamony, nutty, almondy, chocolatey, stouty!

- “that was a really good one” – Bill Clemson (RDB interrupter)

 Peated American Single Malt – Nose comes with a nice dose of smokey sweetness. Not as scotchy as one may think. Robust, and should be enjoyed often.

- “it’s a lot like an islay scotch, just a bit sweeter” – Wayne (RDB Co-Host)


  • Kings County Distillery

Single Malt Whiskey – Nose has an incredible freshness, light and floral. A Sunday morning kind whiskey.

- “…that’s nothing to shake a stick at.” Dusty Pockets (RDB Co-Host)

 Peated Bourbon – Rich and bourbony, old timey, mature. A nice cigar would enhance the experience but certainly not needed.

- “… i want to keep drinking it to figure it out, I’m going to need a lot more.” – Wayne (RDB Co-Host)

 Barrel Proof Bourbon – Hot candy smell. Reminischent of mellow corn, and we like that. This one kicks things in to overdrive.

- “man look at the color of that!” – Wayne (RDB Co-Host)


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: George Dickel Review

August 4, 2016

image1.jpgWhat is George Dickel's middle name.....?  Find this out, and much more on this episode of the Revue de Bourbon Podcast!  We have two selections up for review from George Dickel, the Rye Whiskey & No. 12 Whiskey.  Wayne starts a new segment of the show called, "Wayne Reads Whatever Is On The Bottle!"  Very exciting stuff!  Our featured cocktail is named the Southern Simplicity taken straight from the George Dickel website.  We have a guest in the house named Derrick, and we get personal with Wayne.  You don't want to miss this one!


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: Bottom Shelf Blind Challenge

July 18, 2016

IMG_9566.jpgDusty & Wayne return once again for the final first round of "Bottom Shelf Blind Bourbon Taste Test Challenge!" That's right, we've blindly tasted 15 bourbons from the bottom shelf or $15 and less.  For this episode we brought in special guest Les Wilhelm, a jack of many trades.  On the menu for tonight's review is Kentucky Tavern, Rebel Yell, and David Nicholson 1843.  We also have a spirited round of "Quickdraw" where Wayne and Les answer some bottom shelf questions, but probably not the kind you're thinking of.  Look out! Revue de Bourbon podcast train is coming through full steam ahead....


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: Barterhouse by Orphan Barrel Review

July 8, 2016

IMG_9278.jpgDid you know that for every year that passes bourbon grows another year older?  This is just one of the many revelations discovered on this episode of the Revue de Bourbon Podcast!  We are taking a scenic ride down bourbon highway and you'll be sitting shotgun.  Get your cameras out, coming up on your left is a 20 year old Barterhouse by Orphan Barrel.   A few miles past that on your right will be a Mellow Eagle, those are rare! Strap in and suit up, time to ride.... 


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: LIVE Heaven Hill Cocktails at Doc Crow’s

March 30, 2016

IMG_5168.jpgWell we're back on the dusty Urban Bourbon Trail at Doc Crow's in downtown Louisville, KY.  On this episode of the Revue de Bourbon podcast we speak with head bartender Keri Smith about the industry, classic cocktails, and even a few guilty pleasures.  Heaven Hill is the featured distillery, tasting several cocktails made with Evan Williams and Rittenhouse Rye.  Keri also tells us whats been on her mind as far as creating new cocktails for the spring season, this is an episode you shan't miss!


Revue de Bourbon Podcast: LIVE Pappy Van Winkle Review at Corner Restaurant & Bar

February 17, 2016

IMG_3913.jpgOn this episode of Revue de Bourbon we revisit the infamous Van Winkle family! Last year we were able to write a blog with tasting notes (see below), this year we are coming at you LIVE from Corner Restaurant & Bar at Aloft Hotel in downtown Louisville, KY.  Bourbon enthusiast and spirit mix-master Matt Burlingame joined us for the second time on the show to share his thoughts and grievances toward people who order Pappy 23yr. with ginger beer.  Matt also serves up a new twist on an old favorite called the "Bourbon Reviver" cocktail.  Tasting notes and cocktail recipe listed below, see you on the podwaves!


The Bourbon Reviver –

            1.5 oz. Wild Turkey

            1 oz. Lillet Blanc

            1 oz. Fresh Lime

            1 oz. Grand Marnier

            ¾ oz. Honey Syrup



Tasting Notes:

Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr. – A dry initial spiciness, honey, nuttiness, lemon peel, long finish with slight corn, very good

 Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yr. – Even and smooth from start to finish, vanilla, quick finish, typical smooth wheat profile, hints of sweet earthy flowers

 Van Winkle Family Reserve 15yr. – Beautiful color and nose, rich molasses, vanilla, buttery leather, finish lingers with warm oak notes. 

 Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13yr. – Not a typical rye, fresh morning dew nose, fruity, blackberry, and dark chocolate. We enjoyed this the most, largely unnoticed amongst the Van Winkle family.




Revue de Bourbon Podcast: Review of Rhetoric by Orphan Barrel

February 2, 2016

IMG_3163.jpgThe RDB train is rolling back into town a-snortin'-and-a-fussin'!  On this exciting episode we review a really really really really old bourbon, Rhetoric by Orphan Barrel 20yr.  Daryll Campball from Liquor Store comes back to chat about business and where he sees the industry trends heading.  Dusty concocts a cocktail loosely called the "carmel apple sucker".  This and much more from Dusty & Wayne!